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Role of Biofuels in Energy Security

The liquid biofuels are derived from the plants and animals.  Biofuels will have a major role on the development of industrial and automobiles in future.   The biofuels like bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas are already utilizing in many countries in the world.The development of biofuels will help in environment protection and reduce the dependence on import crude petroleum products. Further, it will also create employment  in rural area and in creating conducive atmosphere for the overall development of entire value chain of biofuels.

Since last two decades increase in demand for fossil fuels has led to emphasizing on new and renewable energy by successive Government and Public Institution.  Already some countries are seriously pursuing innovation and development of biofuels.  Countries like Brazil have established 100% usage of biofuels in automobile sector. United States of America and other countries are producing of biofuels from maize and other food products. India is not in position to utilize the food products and edible oils for the production of biofuels due to scarcity of edible oil, it being a major importer of edible oils.

The National and the State policy stated to utilize non edible oil seeds and other agriculture residues for the production of biofuels. Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the former President of India had suggested for the development of biofuels, for becoming self sustianble in energy sector in the coming years during his maiden speech in Karnataka Assembly on the occasion of celebration of Suvarna Karnataka in 2006. In this context the State government has constituted the biofuel task force (2008) to study and submit the recommendations to take up the overall development of the biofuel sector in the State. After accepting all the recommendations of the task force the State government has established the Karnataka State Bioenergy Development Board in 2010.

The important objective of the board is to develop biofuel sector through multispecies, decentralized, community driven approach. The board intends to develop a sustainable model for seed and other agriculture residues for biofuel processing and utilization.

The KSBDBs initiatives to involve all the stake holders of biofuel sector in feedstock collection, production of biofuels and utilization in automobile sector and for captive power generation. The development of biofuel sector will help in reduction of importing crude petroleum products which in turn will help to reduce the foreign exchange, and create rural employment, environment protection from pollution.

The 10th of August every year is celebrated as the International Biofuel Day in memory of the first diesel engine, invented by Sir. Rudolf Diesel, which was run on peanut oil. On this occasion the board has plans to scale up and commercialize biofuel production activities in the coming days through involving all the stake holders of biofuel sector.

Prof. Basavaraja Ramanal
Chairman, KSBDB


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