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Advantages of Biofuel

• Continuous additional income through Biofuel seeds

• Availability of organic manure necessary for agricultural land through oilcakes and green leafy manure obtained after seed processing.

• Benefit of the features like medicinal values, insect control and diseases affecting crops.

• Helpful in honey farming during the flowering season.

• Preventing the erosion of fertile soil on the surface of the land.

• Providing additional nitrogen to the earth through the roots of these saplings.

• If grafted saplings are planted, then the tree will not grow to a greater height. By growing the branches and boughs of the tree annually, there will be no shadow on the other crops grown by the farmers.

• Increase in food production by planting of saplings along the hedges of the farm.

Benefits for the society

• Enhancement of the beauty of rural area by growing more trees.

• Increased rainfall in places with more trees and increase in produce.

• Good shelter for animals and birds.

• Availability of firewood for rural women from the small twigs, branches and boughs that are cut.

Benefits for the environment

• Prevention of environmental pollution.

• Plays an important role in global temperature control.

• Helpful for revival of ground water.

• Preventing the bad effects of chemical fertilizers.

A better fuel than Petrol

• Several researches have shown that biofuel releases lower amount of carbon oxides to the environment than petroleum fuel.

• Petroleum fuel releases high amounts of carbon oxides to the environment but bio fuel plants re-use some parts of the carbon di-oxide in the environment.

• Bio-fuel is environment friendly and can be renewed.

• There is no need of engine modification.

• The amount of sulphur is very less in bio fuel.

• Safe handling, collection and transport.

• Reduction in the release of hydro-carbon, unburnt carbon particles.

• By growing bio fuel trees, soil erosion can be prevented and moisture can be retained as well as the greenery can be maintained.

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