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About Us

India is one of those countries that mostly uses traditional fuels like coal, petroleum etc. About 85 percent of the nation’s total oil product requirement is being imported; the nation’s foreign exchange is being spent on a large scale. India’s financial growth is becoming stunted and stable development is under threat. The availability and the tasks of discovering other sources of petroleum fuel are scarce or costly. In this regard, Bioenergy is a ray a hope instead of petroleum based traditional fuels.

Based on the studies and reports concerning the pros and cons and analysis conducted by the Karnataka State Bioenergy Taskforce, the government of Karnataka has launched the Karnataka State Bioenergy Policy, to be brought into effect from 01-03-2019 and has announced the establishment of the Development Board on 06.12.2010 through the Karnataka Gazetteer. This committee, chaired by the honorable Chief Minister, will have an executive committee led by the additional Chief Secretary/Development Commissioner of the government and has a senior officer as the Managing Director to conduct the daily activities. In this regard, the former chief of the SamagraVikasa Trust Y. B. Ramakrishna, who has diligently worked hard for several years for the development of Bioenergys in Karnataka, has been appointed as the Executive President and senior, able IAS officer Shri A. K. Monnappa is the Managing Director. The Karnataka State Bioenergy Development Board is officially functional.