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Advantages of biofuel

  • Biofuel programme provides many employment opportunities. Along with this, farmers and agri-labourers can gain additional economic benefit by   collection and sale of seeds in their leisure time.
  • Many research findings have shown that biofuel releases less amount of carbon oxides into the atmosphere than petroleum fuel.
  • Petroleum fuel goes on releasing large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But biofuel plants themselves reuse some parts of carbon dioxide existing in the atmosphere.
  • Biofuel is eco-friendly and renewable resource.
  • No need to make engine modification.
  • Amount of sulphur in biofuel is very less.
  • Maintenance, collection and transportation is safe.
  • By enhancing efficiency of the engine, it increases engine’s durability.
  • Reduction in emission of hydrocarbon and unburnt carbon prticles.
  • Cultivation of biofuel trees prevents soil erosion and preservation of soil humidity helps keeping the area evergreen.

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