For Farmers

Advantages of Biofuel

• Continuous additional income through Biofuel seeds • Availability of organic manure necessary for agricultural land through oilcakes and green leafy manure obtained after seed processing. • Benefit of the features like medicinal values, insect control and diseases affecting crops. • Helpful in honey farming during the flowering season. • Preventing the erosion of fertile […]

Biofuel Technology

Since several generations, oil is being extracted from Pongamia, Hippe and Neem seeds using oil mills and this oil is used for various purposes. One such main use was for lighting lamps. Even today, farmers collect seeds from the Pongamia, Hippe and Neem tress, that grow along the hedges of their fields, extract oil through […]

Market System

At present, there is no fixed rate for the seeds of biofuel trees. The price of seeds are fixed in the market based on availability and demand. But, it is an undoubted fact that in days to come, a fixed market will be available for oil seeds, bio fuel and biofuel by-products. Therefore, seed collection […]

Participation of farmers and benifits to them

In our country, the Western Ghats and Plains are available for the growth of saplings required for biofuel production. Apart from this, the farmers can grow these saplings in the hedges of farm lands, backyards and barren lands. It is estimated that about 13.5 lakh hectares of barren land is available in Karnataka. The oil […]