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Production and utilization of Bioenergy

Bio diesel:

As an effort to make alternative fuel accessible to consumers, Eco Green Fuels Pvt. Ltd. has been successfully established near Peenya in Bengaluru, for the first time in the whole state, under the guidance of KSBDB. It has the capacity to produce 3000 litres of biodiesel per day. Apart from this, another unit, Southern Bio Diesel Technologies, with the capacity to produce 50 tons of Bioenergy per day, is being successfully established near Devanahalli, Bengaluru.

Bio ethanol:

Sugar factories in the state produce 135 million litres of bio ethanol per annum. But only 30-35 million litres are used for mixing with petrol (5%) in the state. The remaining part is being used for the same purpose by neighbouring states. KSBDB has undertaken many programmes in the direction of making optimum utilization of the vast opportunities present in the state.

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