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Clonal Orchards

Clonal Orchards (Breed Development Orchards)

The land belonging to our state has different kinds of soil and climate; it has an environment that is helpful for growing several varieties of Bioenergy saplings.

The land in the state has been classified into three sections for the development of Bioenergy trees. Pongamia, Simarouba and Hippe trees seem suitable for parts of Northern Karnataka. Pongamia, Simarouba, Amoora, Hippe trees are more suitable for southern districts of the state. The coastal areas, receiving heavy rainfall are more suited for growing Surahonne and the Western Ghats are suitable for growing Dhoopa, Ramapatre trees. There are more than 150 breeds of Bioenergy saplings in our country. There is a need for the development and protection of breeds that have high oil content.


It is possible to increase the seed production by finding out mother trees that give high yield and have high oil content, by grafting and protecting them. Significant improvement can be achieved by growing a plantation such good quality saplings.

The Board has formed a sub-committee of experts for the protection and development of good quality saplings. This committee includes senior officers from the research wing of the Forest Department as well as experts from other institutions, involved in the research in this field. This committee has conducted a detailed study and has laid the recommendations for the construction of clonal orchards. Steps have been taken for the construction of clonal orchards at different parts of our state, based on the recommended criteria and with financial help from the Board. The Board has recognized the research wing of the Forest Department as the Nodal Institution for the construction of clonal orchard and bestowed the responsibility of development.


The details of the criteria and methods (Protocol of Clonal Orchards) to be adopted by the forest Department of the State Government for the construction of clonal orchards is shown below.

Clonal orchard are being constructed in the following places, as per the decision to construct each clonal orchard in an area of 25 hectares.

Details of Breed Development Orchards being developed in the state:

S. No Forest Research Section Places of Breed Development Orchards
1 Bangalore Makali (S. A) Mandya Taluk
2 Madikeri Panchadalli, Titimati
3 Dharwad Adavi Somapura, Shiggaun, Shiggaun Taluk
4 Dharwad Mallapura, Shimoga Taluk
5 Dharwad Muttalagiri, Badami Taluk
6 Dharwad Yadajarvi, Savadatti Taluk, Belgaum District
7 Bellary Premises of the Post-Graduation Department of Gulbarga University, Bidar District
8 Bellary Premises of the Gulbarga University, Gulbarga
9 Bellary Premises of the Hatti Gold Mining Company, Hatti
10 Bangalore Tiptur Taluk, Tumkur district (Selection of land is in progress).

It is expected that, the construction of these clonal orchards will result in high produces of Bioenergy seeds in the days to come through the development and protection of breeds and distribution of grafted seeds.

The Board is also planning to construct Herbariums and Arboretums for the overall development of this field.