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Research Activity

Apart from the plantation and processing activities for the overall development of the Bioenergy field and for value-addition activities, research activity is also crucial. The taskforce and in later days, the Board is continuously encouraging this for the financial development of farmers, fulfilling the local needs. The following measures have been taken for encouraging research activities.

i. Bioenergy related research will be encouraged by providing financial assistance to various technical colleges, biotechnological departments in universities and agricultural universities.
ii. Establishment of Bioenergy Cell at K. S. C. S. T for project reporting of research activity and guidance.
iii. Encouragement for the development of Bioenergy Production Equipments and value-addition activities.
iv. Complete assistance for the research activities of the Bioenergy Park.
v. Organizing special workshops for help in obtaining financial assistance from the Central Government by preparing Research plans through the Information and Demonstration Centre.


The following research activities have been performed as an outcome of these efforts:

1. Under the project works of the K. S. C. S. T students, the students of 22 technical institutions have been given Rs. 10,000/- each and 9 post-graduate technical students have been given Rs. 20,000/- each (since 2012-13).

2. In the year 2010, 6 mechanical engineering and 2 biotechnology students from M. G. R. E. D institution took up projects with a total of 8 Bioenergy research works.

3. The following research works by the Dharwad Agriculture University.

  •  Effect on the development of Jatropa saplings if the sprig is cut off.
  •  Study of the Simarouba sapling and extension activity.
  • Effect on the development of the Jatropha and Honge saplings if the sprigs are cut at different heights.

4. Research by Agriculture University Raichur, about the effects on the growing of Neem, Simarouba, Jatropha saplings in tropical zones.

5. Research by the Biotechnology Department of Gulbarga University about ethanol manufacture from sugarcane peels.

6. Research by the Bijapur Women’s’ University about the production of cooking gas by the oilcake obtained as a by-product during Bioenergy production.

7. The following researches by the Karnataka State Transport Corporation.

  •  Experiment and implementation of the use of 7.7% ethanol mixed diesel in the transport buses.
  •  Research and implementation of the use of biodiesel at B5, B10, B20, B100 amounts in buses.

8. Manufacture of Omega-3 fatty acid and production of biodiesel from fish oil by the College of Fisheries, Karwar.

9. Ethanol production from Cashew fruit.

10. Biodiesel production from rubber seeds.

11. A research about the production of ethanol from arecanut peels, peels of coffee seeds and powder waste by the Nitte Institute of Technology at Udupi District.

12. Various researches about the production of biodiesel from plastic, rubber, tyres, tubes and municipal wastes will be taken up at different technological institutes, universities and Information and Demonstration Centres of the state.