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Hombelaku and Hongirana

Hombelaku Scheme:

The role of rural women in the field of biodiesel product and use has been crucial. In this regard, the Hombelaku scheme was started in the year 2012-13 to involve the members of Women’s’ Self-help Groups in seed collection, processing and value-addition activities. Under this scheme, the Board will provide an oil production machine with a capacity of grinding 25 to 30 Kg of seeds per hour along with required technical training for the selected Women’s’ Self-help group. The oilcake obtained by oil production after collecting the seeds locally will be sold as manure and the oil produced will be used to fulfil the local fuel demand. This will help the rural people to avail the benefits of the by-products and will help in the development of the financial status of rural women.

Hongirana Scheme:

Hongirana scheme aims at establishing Bioenergy outlets by involving voluntary organizations in each district centre so that all Bioenergy products are available under a single roof. This outlet will help in providing the overall information about the field of Bioenergy to the public along with seed collection, selling of oil, oilcakes and byproducts. The Board will provide financial assistance for the construction of such outlets.