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Bio-Fuel Park

The Karnataka State Bioenergy Development Board has initiated the construction of Bioenergy Parks for the overall development of Bioenergy field, farmers, production and use of Bioenergy and to help research works in this field. Bioenergy parks are being built at various regions of the state.

1. Bioenergy Park, Madenuru, Hassan: The park, established at Madenuru, Hassan in an area of 50 acres belonging to the Bangalore Agriculture University, started functioning since 2007. This park is involved in research for the overall development of Bioenergy field in our state and for training, development of value-added products. It has formed 440 associations of farmers engaged in Bioenergy Cultivation and Seed Collection by organizing 1,041 trainings in 2,039 villages with financial assistance from the Board. Each farmer in the village has been involved in the plantation programme and 70 villages have been converted as complete Bioenergy villages.


Through the Farmers’ Associations formed by the Bioenergy park, seeds are collected in an orderly manner by giving fair price to the farmers. They are also using all the by-products and thus, seeing financial progress.

Several extension activities are being taken up by the Bioenergy Park apart from workshops, training, exhibition, demonstration and high level research works are also being conducted. The highlights of the works are given below.

I.  Surveying and recording of high-yield mother trees – Survey has been conducted in the villages of 8 districts of the state and 1000 excellent mother-trees have been identified and recorded.
II.  Protection of excellent breeds and using the grafted saplings to grow a plantation with large number of saplings.
III.   Development of disease – resistant breeds.
IV.  Analysis of the hereditary difference between the Bioenergy breeds.
V.  Diesel production from various Bioenergy seeds.
VI. Development of oil-production and diesel production equipments required by the Bioenergy industry.
VII. Production of biogas from oilcakes.
VIII. Ethanol production from sweet corn.
IX. Development of Bioenergy saplings by tissue – culture method.

2. Bioenergy Park Tintini, Yadagiri district: the farmers at Hassan district have got good benefits from the Bioenergy Park and have observed that Bioenergy Activity is a profitable business. Based on the experience gained here, the Board felt the need to construct such Bioenergy parks in other parts of the state and has taken up the construction of the 2nd Bioenergy Park for the benefit of the North Karnataka districts. The Board has initiated the task of building a Bioenergy park in a 42 acre land belonging to Hatti Gold Mining company at Tintini of Yadagiri district.

3. Bioenergy Park, Dharwad: The Board has initiated the construction of the 3rdBioenergy Park at Agriculture University, Dharwad. Farmers, students and public from the north-western parts of the state will benefit by this.

Apart from imparting assistance to other information and demonstration centres of the state, these Bioenergy parks will contribute to the overall development of the Bioenergy activities in the state.