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Research & Development in Bioenergy

Research by:
Sheetal N Singh
Research & Development Officer
Karnataka State Bio-fuel Development Board
#116, 8th Cross, Railway Parallel Road
KumaraPark West, Bangalore – 560 020 , Tel : 080 -23568200
E-mail :

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Areas of Research in Bioenergys

  • Short term and Long term R and D on seed / oil and biodiesel production and usage
  • Area specific study/ documentation and data of other Bioenergy species and other agri- residues potential
  • Specific IDC Expertise Research -technology demonstration
  • Student project programme – UG and PG (31 projects)
  • Innovative project and New protocol development
  • Need based – waste management / bio-energy areas
  • Technology improvisation – machinery modification
  • Byproduct utility and its value chain

Herbarium on Bioenergy – State of the Art – Repository and data bank of bio-fuel species

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Areas of Research

  • Biodiesel production procedures and standardization for protocol development7
  • Production of biodiesel from various sources / seeds / waste oils / sludge / scums / waste fats
  • Method of production – Parameter test to meet BIS std. specs.
  • Maximum output or conversion levels during process(oil to B100 )
  • Blending of biodiesel and its fuel retention properties
  • Biodiesel shelf life and property analysis
  • Research in bio-diesel usage
  • Affects on engines
  • Performance analysis and documentation
  • Emission tests
  • Research in by-product utilization -Value additions
  • Leaf litter, Pods / seed coat / shells  – as briquettes
  • Oil cake / De-oiled cake – detoxification and alkaloid separation
  • Glycerin – usage as binder and in bio-ethanol production
  • Soap – detergents and liquid soaps

Byproducts and Value chain in the Process of Biodiesel Production

Byproducts Produced during the Biodiesel production Process:

Pods ————–>    Seed    —————— ->  Oil  ————— -> Biodiesel



Oil Cake

Oil Cake





R and D in Bio-ethanol from wasted resources

Lab process for ethanol production from various wasted resources like cashew apple, coffee pulp, waste coconut water, hemp stalks etc.

  • Research in using ligno-cellulosic materials for ethanol
  • Blending of ethanol in petrol and diesel-usage and property analysis
  • Usage of residues for biogas and composting after distillation.
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R and D in Bio-gas

15Lab scale and 1 cubic meter biogas units – for various feed stock

  • Karwar   – Fish process waste
  • Tumkur   – Oil cake and kitchen waste
  • Ponnampet – Coffee pulp waste

1cum portable units to be installed in all IDC’s for


Pilot study : 20 small portable units

being installed to study the feasibility of

having a home based biogas unit for wet waste

management and Domestic fuel requirement .

Research on Byproducts

Oil Cake / De-oiled Cake

  • Application as organic manure and composting enhancer
  • Oil cake of neem is an excellent pesticide – property analysis and application studies.
  • Usage as feed in biogas – for enhancing methane production.
  • Detoxification of oil cake for using as animal feed – Its Protein and Molecular studies
  • Separation of alkaloids having medicinal and pesticide value.
9-Oil Cake

Oil Cake / De-oiled Cake usage

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Glycerine and Soap usage

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Let us join hands in making India Self Reliant in terms of Energy !!!

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