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Seed collection and processing

At hobli level, each farmer contact centre, along withBIDC, can buy the Bioenergy seeds at the minimum price fixed by the Govt. Seeds collected in this way can either be processed or supplied to other processing units.

Apart from theBIDCs functioning at present, Agriculture University Bengaluru, Agriculture University Dharwad, Bioenergy Park Hassan and MGIRED (Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Energy and Development) Bengaluru, such centres are set up in 4 other places. This year such centres are going to be set up in 8 more places, at least one each for a district. These centres being very significant, the work related to the field of Bioenergy will be possible from the beginning to the end.

As the production of seeds increases, centres producing biodiesel may have to be set up by the board or under private ownership. System building work has been initiated to assess the availability of seeds produced in each district as well as to make the seeds collected reach processing units and ensure minimum carbon footprint.

Already established BIDCs have the basic facility for conducting quality test of the biodiesel produced. It has been decided to set up an advanced, state level laboratory in Bengaluru to ensure the quality of Bioenergy and for the benefit of people of Karnataka as well as other states.

Vice-Chancellor of Bengaluru Agriculture University has agreed to provide the necessary land for this purpose.

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